“That’s not proper English..” Have you ever heard someone saying that? I remember hearing it a lot when I was a kid. I heard it again, running into people from the U.K. I suppose that they would certainly not see us speaking proper English.

Funny thing is, we, as a country haven’t spoken ‘The Queen’s English’ In over a century or so. America is lot larger than England, so it would naturally hold more people. It’s also a younger country, not as set in it’s ways, so to speak.

Being a cultural melting pot, there were dozens of languages filtering around so it’s only natural that some words and phrases would make there way into our cultural lexicon.

That being said, it’s no surprise that we no longer speak the same ‘language’ as we did when we ‘moved’ here from England. That being said, the next time some one tells you that your not speaking proper English, just look at them, smile and proudly say.. ‘your right, I’m speaking American’.

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